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NSNDepot, Inc. NSN Depot, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of spare parts support and logistics for the defense and aerospace industries. We put the capabilities of over 1 million suppliers and manufacturers at your fingertips, giving you access to over 150 million military and commercial parts. LAS Defense is honored to do business with the US Government, Prime Contractors, OEM’s, MRO Facilities and Foreign Governments. Contact LAS Defense today to get a quote for your current requirements.


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firefox NSN Depot provides innovative solutions to solve your most challeng- ing requirements. Our suite of services and proprietary technology ensure that you get the correct parts, on time, every time.

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spare parts,logistics solutions, Airframe Structural, Aircraft Propellers, Helicopter Rotor Blades,Landing Gear, Wheel, Brake, Control Cable, Hydraulic, Vacuum Equipment, De-icing System Equipment, Commercial Sailing Vessels, Trucks Tractors, Vehicular Cab, Body, Frame Structural, Weapons Systems Specific Vehicular Accessories, Diesel Engines, Steam Engines, Steam Turbines, Water Turbines, Water Wheels, Engine Fuel System, Engine Cooling System, Bearings Equipment, Antifriction, Unmounted, Saws , Filing Machines Equipment, Drilling Machines Equipment, Tapping Machines Equipment, Planers, Shapers, Woodworking Machines, Gas Welding, Heat Cutting, Metalizing Equipment Equipment, Riveting Machines Equipment, Soil Preparation Equipment